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Posted 04/05/2017 by Tim


For this article, I decided I would have a look into the analytics of @Instagram’s own account to see how they use their own platform, what kind of engagement they receive, the main times they post and how they help others to get noticed by tagging them in their posts.

Instagram has the largest following of any account on their service at 222 million followers. The next closest is @selenagomez sitting at just over 50% of Instagram’s at 119 million, so let’s check out a few interesting facts that I discovered whilst crawling Instagram’s analytics using Justmetrics;


One of the main things I noticed with Instagram is that they are constantly posting, putting up 34 posts since we started tracking on the 22nd of April, so about 3 posts daily. This helps them in keeping their engagement rate high, sitting at 15% during the period.


Their posts are all really good quality, have a story behind them and the best thing is that they re-post random Instagram users from across the world, helping them to get their name out there and boost their following.


These posts have helped them to generate a total of 752K followers, 34 million likes and 184K comments in only 6 days.

After realizing the huge amount of engagement Instagram receives, I thought I should do a test to see how their tagging helps these users to grow and how much engagement the tagged user receives when Instagram re-posts them. I sat on my computer, hitting the refresh button until I saw that they posted something new.


They tagged 4 users in the post however I thought best to only add the creator of the video, and the production company, @silasveta & @gvsgvs. The production company @silasveta was mentioned at the start of the comment whereas the creator of the video @gvsgvs was mentioned at the end and being a rather long description I thought it would be good to know how much the results vary depending on the placement of their mention. I tracked them for almost 3 days, and here’s what I found.

Results for @silasveta

@silasveta was lucky enough to be the 1st user tagged in the comment. They were already quite popular having 9,868 followers before being tagged by Instagram. Within 1 hour of the post they had grown by 540 followers. Their following continued to grow over the next few days, but was also slowing down steadily. They gained a total of 5,124 new followers however as their following is only at 12,751 it tells me quite a few un-followed for some reason.


Their engagement sky-rocketed, generating 12,829 likes and 216 comments since the post. With a following of only 12.7K this has resulted in a massive engagement rate of 117% during this period!


Even their posts have been getting amazing engagement, this one alone getting almost a 100% engagement rate with 11,164 views!

Results for @gvsgvs

@gvsgvs, the creator of the video and the one who deserves the most credit was mentioned at the very bottom of the long caption however this has not made much impact with his following growing by 401 in the first hour after posting (compared to @silvaveta’s 480).


In total he grew his audience by 7.7K, now sitting at 72K!

@gvsgvs received 71% engagement during this period (compared with 117% for @silasveta) and although it’s probably because he started of with a larger following, getting 47K likes and 1.2K comments is a great result.


One of the most amazing things I discovered from this shout out was that just before he was re-posted he uploaded a video (would of appeared 1st on his profile).

This post got a crazy 1.8 MILLION views, 24K likes and 409 comments! For someone with a following of 72K this is a very good result, and one of the best engagement rates for a single post that I’ve seen. I had a look at previous videos and the average views were around 15-30K per video, so this feature has had an amazing effect.



Looking into when Instagram receives the most engagement (likes + comments) I can see that on Monday’s at 1am (AEST) is the most active time, gaining 1.01 million.


The most popular hashtag Instagram have used is #earthday, receiving a total of 1.32 million engagements.

Instagram’s Most Liked Post

I’m happy to say that Instagram’s top post (based on likes) is from Victoria, Australia (our hometown for those of you that don’t know) and posted by a Melbourne photographer @s.wei_! 😊. This amazing image has brought in 1.78 million likes and a crazy 6.6K comments, and is still growing everyday by an average of 6K likes. @s.wei_ has 10.6K followers, many of which are probably a direct result of this post.

Instagram’s Most Commented Post

This cute little critter may just be Instagram’s most popular bird receiving more than 14K comments and a whopping 9.43 million views in the 6 days since it was posted. @birdbee0705 the Japanese white-eye bird now has a following of 34.1K.

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