Instagram insight features added to the API

Posted 28/08/2017 by Tim

New Instagram insights features

At the end of last month Instagram released a blog post saying they will be finally offering their insights through their API. This is great news as up until now the only way to access Instagram’s insights was to use it in their own app.

For those who are new to Instagram or Instagram business profiles here’s a few key features.

• Last year Instagram added a great new range of analytics and insights, available for anyone who has a business Instagram account.
• Business accounts are free for anyone wanting to promote their business.
• With the upgrade business users can choose how they want their customers to contact them: email, call, text or contact buttons are available making it simple for potential customers to reach out.
• Access to a great range of insights to help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Having a business profile is very helpful for anyone who uses Instagram to promote their business through Instagram. Accessing the insights gives you a great look at how your audience interacts with you, when they’re online, plus demographics like age, gender, location etc.

Allowing access to these Instagram insights via their app is going to allow us to add them into our service, giving you even more great insights into how to optimize your account, and also if you’re managing more than 1 account it will be super easy to view all of your profiles insights in the one dashboard.

Instagram insights in beta

Currently the insights are still in BETA however we are already planning on including them and will be working on implementing them once they have fully launched.

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