Tracking your Instagram account and historical data

Posted 15/05/2017 by Tim

Thank you for adding your instagram account

When we created Justmetrics we had to make a key decision whether to show historical data or not. Instagram doesn’t provide 3rd party apps with any kind of historical information, meaning that if we wanted to show how many followers you gained a week before you signed up – we would have to guess.

Our main aim is to provide the most accurate data as possible, and this means guessing any information whatsoever is out of the question. This is why when you first sign up you will have empty charts.

No insights available

Once your account has been added engagement will be tracked through your entire account, meaning we include any new likes and comments from all of your posts, not just the ones in a selected time frame like others may do. This gives you more accurate insight into your accounts overall performance.

Insights available

We update all accounts every hour, so please be patient and stick with us so we can give you the most accurate insight possible into your account.

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